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Census 2011

The House-numbering and Houselisting Operations has been carried out between 21st April – 4th June 2010 to map out all areas uniformly and list out all the structures, houses and households. The basic purpose of this elementary exercise was to prepare a frame, unambiguous and without omission or duplication of any area for systematically conducting the population enumeration during February – March 2011. The Housing Census, thus in someway, is a prelude to the actual population count of the census. The exercise also entailed collection of a wide range of data on housing, amenities and the assets available to the household. The data generated from this operation will not only be of immense use to planners and policy makers in the Central and State Governments, but also be useful to the administrators and planners at local levels, such as district, sub-district and town level.

The first step in the Houselisting Operations is to map out all areas systematically. Each enumerator was required to prepare a layout map of the area of work allotted to her/him, which is popularly known as the Enumerator’s Block (EB). The layout sketch not only depicted the boundaries and important landmark of the EB, but also showed each of the buildings and census houses within it. While listing of the houses and households, the enumerators were also required to place a census number on each and every census house within her/his block with the sole purpose of identification at a later date. Specific instructions has been issued regarding the visibility, size and methodology for placing the census number by enumerators.

There are several new features in the Houselisting Schedule canvassed at the Census 2001. Besides improvements made in the format of the Houselist Schedule, the scope of enquiry at the Houselisting was considerably expanded with the inclusion of new questions. The number of items on which information was collected increased from twenty-two in 1991 to thirty-three in 2001. Houselist Schedule was not canvassed for houseless households. Similarly, particulars on amenities and assets available in the Institutional Households were also not collected while canvassing the Houselist. The responses for almost all the questions in the Houselist Schedule had pre-coded numeric options, which not only helped enumerators to record the response easily, but also facilitated quick data processing. A specimen copy of the Houselist Schedule is given as below for ready reference. An Instruction Manual for Enumerator is also furnished below for detail information.

DOWNLOAD - Houselisting

1. Instruction Manual for Enumerator   Gujarati   English
2. Houselisting Schedule   Gujarati   English